Holiday Gift Policy

To Our Purveyors, Suppliers, Contractors and Lessees:

Please allow us to take this opportunity to advise you of our Corporate Policy relating to gifts.

Our Code of Conduct generally prohibits the solicitation or acceptance by any of our officers and employees, at any time of year, for themselves or on behalf of the Company, of any substantial gift with value exceeding $250, which directly or indirectly benefits them. This prohibition applies to gifts from any person or firm having or seeking a business relationship with the Company or any employee or agent of such a person or firm. However, non-cash gifts of nominal value are permitted.

While it is recognized that both giving and receiving of gifts, especially during the Holidays, might be considered proper and innocent, such a practice might be misconstrued by persons only partially informed and may prove to be embarrassing to both parties. More importantly, the discharge of responsibilities in a totally objective manner is difficult enough, and the acceptance of such gifts can only serve to make this task more difficult.

Accordingly, you are requested to refrain from offering substantial gifts to any of our employees. Your cooperative spirit in complying with this request will enhance our business relationship and prevent expense and effort on your part and ours.