SALUTE is the newest of seven affinity groups called Business Resource Groups (BRGs) within the corporation. These groups help promote diversity and inclusion of Caesars Entertainment’s employees and community partners. SALUTE actively seeks to bring veteran employees and supporters together who embrace the core values of duty, honor, and selfless service.

The group started as part of the Enlisting Heroes program with approximately five members and has since grown to over 50, comprised of veterans, supporters of veterans, and senior leaders of Caesars Entertainment. SALUTE’s quarterly newsletter, which has now become a standard for all other BRGs, consistently shares upcoming activities with veterans and their allies and highlights the service of a current employee who served in the military. SALUTE organizes and assists veterans in a variety of fundraisers, donation drives, job fairs, employment workshops, and holiday events.


The group was recently honored with a Certificate of Recognition from the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Nevada for organizing a Memorial Day tribute event at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel Arc de Triomphe to honor and remember fallen soldiers. Members organized a citywide employee donation collection during the month of May and raised $5,000 to present at the event to U.S. Vets-Las Vegas, a local non-profit charity that identifies homeless veterans and assists them with housing, employment assistance, and access to veteran benefits for mental and physical health and substance abuse.



SALUTE helped re-launch a fundraiser with O’Sheas Casino and local beer distributor Bonanza. For every beer purchased, Bonanza donated ten cents to Goodwill of Southern Nevada’s Veteran Integration Program, which helps over 700 veterans secure jobs each year. A total of $2,944.80 went to this program.


Caesars Entertainment and SALUTE also recently co-sponsored the USO’s “Operation That’s My Dress.” Over the course of three days, volunteers from SALUTE and other employees assisted to make this event successful at Bally’s Las Vegas. This event recognizes military teens, female service members, and spouses who experience unique challenges related to military life with their frequent moves, deployments, and adapting to new homes and communities.

The event began with a private fashion show, featuring professional models and entertainment by the USO Show Troupe. The finale to this event was the Dress Expo, a room filled with upwards of 5,000 dresses participants could choose from. The Dress Expo included hair and makeup demonstrations, consultations with beauty pageant contestants and celebrity stylists, and a Beauty Bar that featured jewelry, fashion accessories, and hair and makeup products so participants could get a complete look from head to toe. Caesars Retail Department donated a full pallet of lotions and gift bags, and employee donations of jewelry and makeup were collected by the Security Departments citywide.

Thats My Dress


SALUTE and Caesars Entertainment are proud to be contributors to the Las Vegas Veterans Memorial, which is opening in May of 2016. The vision behind the project is to build a world-class national memorial that provides a powerful and lasting experience for visitors while evoking a deep sense of gratitude and respect for our nation’s veterans and their families. The memorial will be located at the Grant Sawyer State Building in Las Vegas Nevada and will contain 18 historically accurate statues that represent all branches of the military starting with the Revolutionary War to the Global War on Terror. The monument will also draw attention to the sacrifices of families of servicemen who are left behind. For more information, please visit the Las Vegas Veterans Memorial website at