Professional Development

Professional Development

At Caesars Entertainment, we currently have seven different employee resource groups that we call Business Resource Groups (BRGs) primarily located in the Las Vegas area.  A BRG is a peer group whose members and allies have common interests and goals which are aligned with Caesars Entertainment’s overall business strategy and its diversity and inclusion goals and objectives. The intent of these groups is to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion driven engagement, innovation and continuous improvement in keeping with Caesars Mission, Vision and Values and its Code of Commitment.

Each BRG has a Senior Leadership Sponsor and Executive VP Champion to help guide and facilitate group goals and leadership engagement. The head of Diversity and Inclusion works with the Legal Department and Human Resources to support the BRGs goals, and reports on membership and satisfaction to the SVP of Government Relations & Corporate Social Responsibility.

The seven Business Resource Groups are:

Caesars BRG Chorus holds Black History Month Lunch & Learn, February 2017

    1. Asian employees and allies – Hawaiian Asian Pacific Islander & Allies – HAPA
    2. African descent employees and allies – Chorus
    3. Millennials and allies – Rising Stars
    4. Hispanic employees and allies – VIA
    5. LGBT employees and allies – EQUAL
    6. Veteran Employees and Allies – SALUTE
    7. Women employees and allies – Savvy

BRGs provide employees exposure to senior leadership across the organization as well as networking and engagement opportunities, enabling a diverse talent pipeline at Caesars. The groups have improved the recruitment and retention of diverse employees and helped identify emerging issues important to specific diverse groups.  For the company, BRGs provide numerous opportunities for business development, marketing support, and innovation