People are an important part of People Planet Play. Our commitment to building our communities is demonstrated by our continuous contribution to those local economies through our employment, charitable giving and procurement of goods and services. Specifically:

  • Caesars is committed to recruiting, retaining and developing the best employees regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability or national origin. We encourage a diverse work environment that fully capitalizes on the talents, skills and potential of all our employees.
  • Caesars is committed to making charitable contributions to a wide range of community interests and encouraging employees to volunteer to make their communities better places to live.
  • Caesars is committed to procuring its goods, products and services from a diversified pool of vendors, contractors and professional service providers, and working with developing businesses to help them grow.

Caesars Operating Company complies with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act and all applicable federal, state and local laws.

Adding Value

Overall, in 2016, we distributed more than $9.4 billion in economic value to our stakeholders, bringing the total economic value Caesars created for society over the past five years to almost $50 billion, making a positive contribution to economic life and enriching the quality of life for millions of individuals.

In 2016, 29% of the economic value we generated was distributed to our employees as payment for their contribution in the many and diverse roles they perform at our company. 34% of the value we created was distributed to the many vendors that help us create memorable experiences for our guests.

Third-party analysis* shows that Caesars operates in a manner that results in $5.6 million of contributed value to its communities (employee wages and benefits; taxes and licenses: and investments in the community through mandated and other giving) for every $10 million in revenue, almost three times the estimated average of U.S. corporations ($2.0 million).

*Analysis conducted by Bea Boccalandro, President of VeraWorks. Data updated for 2016.

For a more detailed view on a state by state basis, see our State Summary Reports at:

Our Community Life in Hammond

Horseshoe Hammond is a flagship casino that features award-winning gaming, dining and entertainment facilities. It attracts over 4 million guests a year from nearby Chicago and the surrounding regions. With around 2,000 employees, it plays an important role in the local social and economic life of the city.

“Horseshoe Hammond opened in 1996 in a community that was struggling with high unemployment. We have made a significant contribution to helping the city and the region improve standards for local citizens. We provide career opportunities for local residents, and are one of the city’s top revenue sources, playing a vital role in the municipal budget as well as being active in city life. One of the best examples I can share is that the  City of Hammond wanted to encourage more city residents to own their homes rather than rent properties. Home-owners tend to have greater levels of pride in their homes and invest in the appearance of the neighborhood. Entirely funded from our casino tax dollars, the City developed a program to encourage home-ownership by offering college scholarships to homeowners of the city. This has attracted more people to buy a home in Hammond and as a result, the city is a better place to live.” – Dan Nita, Regional President and General Manager and Caesars Foundation Trustee