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Crack CodeGreen

Your favorite casino employees see the world a little differently. They zig in the zag lane. So the designated Total Rewards casinos have tapped into that wild creativity to make the planet a better, greener place.

Less is More. CodeGreenTHE CHALLENGE
The CodeGreen Day Challenge gets all of the casino teams to buzz and brainstorm about sustainability. The start may be energy-efficient lightbulbs, recycled paper and clean plastics. Where it ends—nobody knows.

Each Total Rewards casino will hold its own CodeGreen Day between Earth Hour on March 23 and Earth Day on April 22. Teams at each casino will face off and come up with fresh ways to conserve waste, reduce emissions and generally make a better planet.

Creativity and scope count a lot. Last year, Harrah’s Rincon planted a vegetable garden and auctioned off an electric mountain bike. Caesars Windsor started a casino forest, planting trees on the property. So keep an eye out. Green is happening all around you.


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