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People Planet Play

This is our eighth annual CSR Report and it describes our impacts on local economies, people, society and the environment. PEOPLE PLANET PLAY is the way we refer to how we make a positive difference in society. Encompassing our existing citizenship plans and programs, and strongly rooted in our Mission, Vision and Values as a company and our Code of Commitment, PEOPLE PLANET PLAY is a new language for Caesars, expressing simply and clearly what we all believe in.

2016-2017 CSR Report


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Verification Statement: The GHG Emissions and Water Consumption: This report has been extensively verified internally but not externally assured, with the exception of energy and GHG emissions and water consumption data which were verified by an external expert.

2016 GRI Index: This report is written under the theme of People Planet Play and is in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, core option, published in 2016. The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines represent the most widely-used corporate citizenship and sustainability reporting framework in the world today. GRI principles have informed our reporting approach: materiality (the issues relevant to our most significant impacts and which are of most importance to stakeholders), stakeholder inclusiveness (responding to stakeholder expectations and interests), sustainability context (presenting our performance in the wider context of sustainability issues) and completeness (inclusion of all the information which reflects significant economic impacts) to enable stakeholders to assess our performance. Our material impacts were defined in 2013 following extensive dialogue with primary stakeholders, and were revised in 2015 in consultation with our External Advisory Board. In 2016, we reviewed these issues internally and agreed that they remain relevant in this reporting period.

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