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Public Policy

Taking a Public Stand

Pg26_PublicStandWe are proud of the public stands we take on social and environmental issues that affect our guests, our employees and our communities. Our leaders often speak publicly about issues that are close to our hearts. We participate in a range of associations that help advance social causes, including We Mean Business, Carbon Disclosure Project, the World Resources Institute and Ceres. We use our voice to  advance greater social equality, justice and a brighter future for our planet.


We continue to strongly support eliminating human trafficking– which involves commercial sexual exploitation, forced labor and debt bondage. Our stated commitment to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons is available on our website. During the past year, we have been an active voice, working with advocacy groups and national collaborative frameworks to advance awareness and drive the elimination of human trafficking. For example, we participate in the American Gaming Association (AGA) CSR Committee whose focus included addressing human trafficking.

BEST_LogoSpecifically, we became a founding partner of the Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking (BEST) Employers Alliance formed in September 2015. BEST is the first public-private partnership in the nation to work across industries to prevent sex trafficking and sex buying. The BEST Employers Alliance supports participating employers as they adopt appropriate policies protecting their businesses from the risks posed by sexual exploiters.

See Our Stance Against Human Trafficking for more information.


We are supportive of new Marriage Equality laws that were enacted in the U.S. Jan Jones Blackhurst, our Executive Vice President of Government Relations and Corporate Responsibility, published an article in Vegas Inc., stating:

We at Caesars Entertainment support the Equality Act. … it’s important that we all take action and leverage the momentum .. to ensure equal rights extend to everyone. For us, that means workforce diversity and inclusion, which we believe are the keys to continuing the positive impact of the court’s decision. It’s not only the right thing to do, itpositively affects business performance.


Caesars Supports the LGBT Community

lgbtCaesars is a strong supporter of diversity, inclusion and the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) community. We respect every American’s freedom to have their own opinion. However, that freedom shouldn’t be used to legislatively discriminate against LGBT people, including our employees and customers. Recently passed legislation in Mississippi will impede economic growth and tourism in the state.

Caesars Entertainment’s employees feel the same way. Team member Gregory Hollis recalled his experience working at Horseshoe Tunica in Mississippi, “I have lived and worked in Mississippi and spent most of my professional career working for Caesars.  The recent Mississippi legislation has disappointed me to a great degree and diminishes my worth. It reduces the value I’ve contributed as a productive citizen to the state.” Gregory continued, “I fear the most for those who will be the first to experience the legalized discrimination in July.”

Read More at Caesars Citizenship Blog


Caesars is among the global organizations that committed to business leadership and policy alignment on climate through an initiative led by We Mean Business, a coalition of organizations including the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the World Resources Institute (WRI), and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), among others. In advance of the UN conference in December 2015 (COP21), at which national leaders reached a historic global agreement to mitigate climate change, we collectively urged policymakers and business leaders to be proactive.

In support of this initiative, we signed the We Mean Business pledge to establish science-based emission reduction targets. Science-based targets allow organizations to determine the reduction in GHG emissions needed to support the scientific and international community’s goal of keeping global mean temperatures from rising greater than 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrialized levels.

Responsible Supply Chain

Guided by the principles of our Code of Commitment, Caesars has created its Responsible Supplier Statement  to outline our reasonable expectations for the responsible and ethical business practices of our suppliers.  See Responsible Supplier Statement and our Suppliers page for more information.


We support comprehensive immigration reform that both advances border security as well as streamlines the immigration process for those who are willing to work hard and complete the legal process. We have spoken out in favor of immigration reform in public policy forums.


We are in favor of healthcare reform advanced by the Affordable Care Act and the lowering of healthcare costs for U.S. citizens.