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Using Less Water

Conserving Water


Conserving water at Harrah’s Resort Southern California

We have maintained a focused program to conserve water since 2008. Our efforts include the installation of low-flow showerheads, aerators and fixtures  at many of our properties; new design standards for public restrooms with dual-flush toilets, waterconserving urinals and low-flow sink aerators; wateron- request in restaurants and at conventions and use of drought-tolerant native vegetation when  possible. We have also implemented a systematic retro-commissioning program which involves optimizing mechanical and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems that has a positive impact on evaporative water loss.

In mid-2015, we revised our water treatment program and can now electronically monitor the quality of our process water and optimize treatment to get the most use out of each gallon of water. This new program is expected to reduce process water use by at least 10%. Through the first six months of the program, we are on track to achieve this savings. In addition to these programs, Caesars is committed to evaluating water risk through participation in the CDP water survey, demonstrating that our commitment extends beyond the tap.

Since 2008 we have reduced our water use per air-conditioned 1,000 square feet by 20%.

As such a large organization, with extensive facilities including gardens and landscaped areas, the opportunities to optimize our water consumption are tremendous. We prioritize our efforts to gain early benefits, while ensuring that our guests are not inconvenienced as we work at each property. We hope our guests are encouraged that Caesars is doing our part to conserve water, especially in water-scarce areas such as Nevada.

-Rob Morris, Corporate Director for Enterprise Energy and Engineering