Caesars Entertainment

Supply Chain

Our Sustainable Supply Chain

We have a significant commitment to drive environmental sustainability through our supply chain, including how we contract with more than 13,000 vendors of goods and services. We have active initiatives to create more sustainable sources for seafood, gaming equipment (such as slot machines) and beverages – these three areas of our procurement spend present the highest risks and the greatest opportunities to improve our footprint based on a highly detailed carbon footprint analysis of our supply chain.

Our Supplier Engagement & Collaboration  

Caesars has led our industry in environmental stewardship and disclosure, and encourages our strategic suppliers to be proactive and visible in their support for sustainable development. Understanding the impact of our spend on climate change, and working with our suppliers to mitigate climate change are  key objectives for Caesars.

To achieve this, Caesars joined the CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) initiative of 75 organizations that invite suppliers to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions data to this leading global database. Together, these 75 organizations spend $2 trillion in annual procurement. In 2016, Caesars hosted a CDP hospitality industry round table to further encourage dialogue and drive progress towards the initiatives goal to have 50% of our top 150 suppliers to disclose to CDP in the coming years.

Caesars acknowledges the value of purchasing sustainable products and requires that vendors support that effort when appropriate or possible. Caesars requests that vendors notify us of recycled content and reduced packaging options. We also recently published our first Responsible Supplier Statement, inviting our suppliers to confirm their support for our Code of Commitment.

Our Sustainable Food Sourcing

We have been developing our food sourcing practices over the past few years to offer the best, most sustainable choices to our guests while respecting environmental imperatives.

Some sustainable food accomplishments and highlights:

  • Maintaining standards for sustainable fish sourcing and promoting sustainable options on our menus
  • Offering sustainably farmed fresh Atlantic salmon, which is exclusively U.S.-based and 100% traceable
  • Serving Rainforest AllianceTM certified coffee
  • Creating vegetable gardens, engaging and energizing our employees
  • Expanding our plant-based menus to include at least two vegetarian options on the standard menus of our sit-down food and beverage outlets

Looking Ahead

We work with our suppliers to understand the impacts at each level of the supply chain. We aim to launch a Sustainable Supplier questionnaire to our Tier 1 suppliers to better engage them and collaborate to help drive changes that will yield environmental benefits.