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Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable Procurement

As a major purchaser of good and services, with more than $2 billion in biddable spend in 2013, we can use our purchasing power for good. Driving environmental sustainability through our supply chain is our passion. We are discovering that we can be more efficient with materials and resources for the benefit of our business, while making a contribution to environmental stewardship for the benefit of all.

  • Fish and the planet: We procure more than $185,000 in fish and seafood on average every day for consumption in our property and restaurants around the U.S. In 2013 we surveyed 20 top suppliers of 30 species of seafood and fish. Fifteen suppliers responded, describing their sourcing methods and fishery practices through their supply chain. We used this information to establish our own standards for sustainable fish sourcing and identified a number of fish species that we are able to source sustainably. We worked closely with the chefs in our dining and restaurant facilities and provided fact sheets that profile different fish species and their sustainability attributes for their consideration.
  • Wine and the planet: We have been recycling corks for wine bottles for years, saving more than 280 pounds of corks per year for recycling. In 2013, we recycled more than 60,000 corks that were pulled from the bottles we use to serve our diners. However, recycling corks is only a partial solution. Avoiding the use of corks altogether is the bigger win for the planet and a more efficient opportunity for Caesars. Therefore, in 2013, we started out wine-to-keg program for the supply of house wine in stainless steel kegs. In partnership with our supplier, we started a trial kegged wine in some of our restaurants. So far, the results are encouraging and we plan to expand this initiative. Over its lifetime, one keg saves the equivalent carbon emissions of taking an average car off the road for two years.
  • Slots and the planet: We have almost 60,000 slot machines installed in our properties around the U.S. Slot machines are an interesting sustainability propositions for many reasons. Materials used in slot machines contain many electronic components, and slot machine suppliers must be compliant with legislation relating to safety, resource scarcity and conflict minerals, and, at the end of the slot machine’s life, materials must be recycled or disposed of safely. In 2013, we mapped some of our slot machine suppliers and surveyed them across a range of sustainability practices include sourcing materials, recycled components, energy efficiency, and end-of-life practices. Our team created a plan to retrofit machines with LED lighting and work with the sourcing department to refine our purchasing specifications to ensure future slot machine procurement will be aligned with sustainable best practice.

“Evaluating the impact of our supply chain process is a long and detailed process. We have chosen to start with a number of core commodities of concern, in order to engage with our suppliers while also evaluating our entire supply chain’s impact on the climate by estimating our carbon footprint.

It’s been a challenge. The upside, however, is that we are pioneering change that will benefit not only Caesars but hopefully many other companies in the hospitality and gaming industry. We are beginning to see some great results.”
Jessica Rosman, Director of Supplier Diversity and Sustainability


Engaging Our Suppliers

We know that our influence extends throughout our supply chain and we aim to understand the impacts associated with our diverse array of suppliers. In 2012, we began requesting our suppliers to provide information about their sustainability practices and reporting policies. Our aim is to identify and reward those suppliers that offer eco-friendly products and use recycled or other sustainably sourced materials, such as those complying with green certifications such as Green Seal, Eco-Logo, Green Guard, LEED, Organic, and Rainforest Alliance. More than 180 suppliers have opted in to submit their information and we continue to work to engage more suppliers.