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Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable Procurement

Our commitment remains to drive environmental sustainability through our supply chain and this includes the way we contract with more than 13,000 vendors of goods and services. We are continuing our initiatives to create more sustainable sources of supply in the areas of seafood, gaming equipment (slot machines) and beverages – these three areas of our procurement spend present the highest risks and the greatest opportunities to improve our footprint based on a highly detailed analysis of our supply chain that we conducted last year. We continue to work in different ways with our suppliers in all these areas both to understand the impacts at each level of the supply chain and also to help drive changes that will yield environmental benefits.

Suppliers for Climate Change Action

Caesars has led our industry in environmental stewardship and disclosure, and encourage our strategic suppliers to be proactive and visible in their support for sustainable development. As part of a multi-company initiative of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), we are one of 75 organizations that invite suppliers to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions data to this leading global database. Together, these 75 organizations spend $2 trillion in annual procurement. Understanding the impact of this spend on climate change, and working with our suppliers to mitigate climate change is a key objective for Caesars. In 2015, more suppliers disclosed to CDP than in 2014. Our goal is to achieve 50% of our top 150 suppliers to disclose to CDP in the coming years. In early 2016, we hosted a CDP hospitality industry round table to further encourage dialogue and drive the agenda forward. Additionally, Caesars  earned an A- on CDP’s water management and supplier engagement rating.

Responsible Supplier Statement

One of the ways we add significant value to sustainable business is by engaging with our suppliers to connect them to our citizenship initiatives. In 2015, we published our first Responsible Supplier Statement, inviting our suppliers to confirm their support for our Code of Commitment, agreeing to the following six principles:RSS

  1. Comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including employment, health and safety, gaming, environmental, immigration and tax.
  2. Institute and enforce policies prohibiting unlawful harassment and discrimination
  3. Neither condone nor support the practice of human trafficking, abusive, or illegal labor activity.
  4. Support our supplier diversity commitment of economic inclusion and track certified diverse vendor spend.
  5. Comply with our Business Conduct Policy for Companies Doing Business with Caesars and Caesars corporate policy related to gifts.
  6. Comply with Caesars anti-bribery, anti-corruption and anti-money laundering policies.

Sustainable Food Sourcing

We have been developing our food sourcing practices over the past few years to offer the best and most sustainable choices to our guests while respecting environmental imperatives. For example, we maintain standards for sustainable fish sourcing and promote sustainable options on our menus. We offer sustainably farmed fresh Atlantic salmon which is exclusively U.S.-based and 100% traceable. Courtesy coffee offered at properties is Rainforest Alliance certified.


Edwin Morente, Chef Tournant, Carnival World Buffet, Rio Las Vegas All-Suite Hotel & Casino

Local and home-grown

Increasingly we are sourcing fresh produce locally which supports local farmers as well and provides our guests with the freshest variety of in-season vegetables, salads and herbs available. At the same time, many of our properties have taken the initiative to create vegetable gardens, engaging and energizing our employees.

More vegetarian options

In early 2016, we advanced our goal to provide sustainable and healthy choices for our guests. Aligning with evolving preferences for healthy food and dining options, we are offering at least two vegetarian options on the standard menus of our sit-down food and beverage outlets. The vegetarian (or vegan) dishes include at least one entree and one appetizer. This approach enables us to better serve our guests while also contributing to more sustainable food supply chain in our operations, as plant-based food options are often locally-sourced.


FLV garden openingChef Becker’s Path to Being a “Green” Foodie

Think you can’t be surprised by the many delights of Las Vegas anymore? Drop by the Flamingo and you’ll find something pretty unexpected – a garden with tables and chairs made out of recycled wooden pallets. The garden, which will grow pesticide-free produce, is a pilot project launched by Chef William Becker, Director of Culinary Operations at Caesars Entertainment.

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