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Our Waste Reductions

Diversion of waste from landfills continues to be a significant objective both to save costs and improve our impact on the environment. We have implemented innovative technologies to process different kinds of waste and partner with nonprofit Clean the World to recycle more than 100,000 pounds of toiletries per year from our hotel rooms to help fight diarrheal disease. Since 2010 we have donated more than 2 million bars of soap, distributed to people in 100 countries.

This is such an important firsthand experience. I can now share with my housekeeping team that I’ve taken the soap they’ve collected and included it in hygiene kits to benefit others.

-Marta de Solorio, Housekeeping Inspector, Bally’s Las Vegas

Some additional highlights from our waste programs:

  • Educating kitchen staff on best practices for upstream sorting of food waste
  • Establishing a single-stream recycling program at our loading docks to separate recycled materials from trash and to regain silverware and other reusable items from accidentally entering our waste streams
  • Earning the Environmental Leader Award for our waste program in 2016


 We Dumpster Dived and Won an Award

Here at Caesars Entertainment, we like to dumpster dive. Seriously, we’re so good at it that we won an award! The dives were part of our Enterprise Waste Diversion Project which won a Top Project of the Year Award from a leading trade publication, Environmental Leader, in June 2016.

For Caesars dumpster diving is a way to collect data on the waste streams from our 40 properties, which then allows us to evaluate the contents and determine new ways to divert items away from landfills.

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Our Progress

Our ongoing efforts have resulted in 43% of waste diverted away from landfills in 2016.