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Reducing Waste

Reducing Waste

Diversion of waste from landfills continues to be a significant objective both to save costs and improve our impact on the environment. We have trialed innovative technologies to process different kinds of waste and we work with nonprofit Clean the World to recycle over 100,000 lbs. of toiletries per year from our hotel rooms to help fight diarrheal disease. Since 2010 we have donated 2 million bars of soap, distributed to people in 100 countries.

Some of our properties work with a company called BluMarble to create products from glass bottles retrieved from our waste streams for sale in our retail stores. We have educated kitchen staff on best practices for upstream sorting of organic waste and have established a single-stream recycling program at our loading docks to separate recycled materials from trash and to regain silverware and other reusable items from our waste streams. Our ongoing efforts have resulted, in 2015, in our lowest volume of total waste for the past four years, and 38% rate of diversion from landfills, almost double the diversion rate we achieved in 2012. We were proud to be recognized for these efforts in the Environmental Leader Awards in early 2016.


Caesars had a 28% reduction in total waste in 2015 and 38% of waste diverted away from landfills



Jeffrey Ruskowitz and Eric Dominguez, Corporate Sustainable Operations Group, at a dumpster dive in Las Vegas

We Dumpster Dived and Won an Award

In 2015, we performed “dumpster dives” at two properties sorting and characterizing all dumpster waste to help improve downstream sorting and recycling as well as upstream waste procedures. Each dumpster (compacter) holds between 6 and 10 tons of waste, and processing the total volume takes two days with a small team. We discovered, for example, that 22% of waste is organic and can be sorted upstream and disposed of efficiently without ever reaching the dumpster. The dumpster dives were a part of our Enterprise Waste Diversion Project which won a Top Project of the Year Award from a leading trade publication, Environmental Leader, in June.

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