Reducing Energy Consumption

Reducing Energy Consumption

Reducing energy consumption is a key element of our environmental stewardship commitment. In the last decade, we have invested in more than 180 major energy efficiency initiatives ranging from lighting retrofits to energy-efficient HVAC installations, from guest-room thermostat controls to installing improved insulation. Every Caesars property, new or old, renovated or newly constructed, maintains a series of ongoing energy efficiency projects. We maintain a corporate capital expenditure fund for environmental investment. In 2013, our approved environmental capital budget was over $4 million. Since 2002, Caesars corporate efficiency program has received over $70M in approved funding.

Our greenhouse gas emissions reductions are a direct result of our overall energy savings as detailed above in our CodeGreen energy initiatives. From 2007 to 2013, our CO2e emissions have decreased by over 151,000 metric tons per year. Our lighting retrofits to LED efficient lighting were a large contributor to this reduction. In addition, we undertake specific initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through our direct operations and also through our external logistics and transportation facilities.