Caesars Entertainment

Quick Environmental Facts

Quick Environmental Facts

Transparency & Reporting

  • First to publish four annual sustainability and corporate citizenship reports following Global Report Initiative guidelines in the casino-entertainment industry
  • One of the first companies in the gaming sector to disclose our carbon emissions to the CDP; the first to report to CDP water and participate in CDP Supply Chain
  • First in the industry to announce Carbon Inventory & EPA-Approved Reduction Goals
  • CodeGreen* Scorecard at all U.S. resorts collects environmental, employee and guest data to enable improved strategy and more comprehensive reporting

Global Leadership

  • Vice President of Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship elected to the board of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council
  • Major HERO/CodeGreen volunteer partners and philanthropic beneficiaries include: Clean the World, , National Park Trust, and Teacher Exchange(NV), and Rebuilding Together

Commitment to Environmental Stewardship: Key Targets

  • Energy Conservation Target: 20% reduction in fossil fuel use per air-conditioned square foot by 2015 from 2007 baseline
  • Carbon Emissions Target: 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per air-conditioned square foot by 2025 from 2007 baseline
  • Water Use Target: 10% reduction in water use per air-conditioned square foot by 2015 from 2008 baseline
  • Waste Diversion Target: 50% total waste diverted from landfill by 2020 from 2007 baseline

Commitment to Environmental Stewardship: Key Initiatives

  • Since 2002, Caesars has invested over $70 million across more than 180 major energy efficiency initiatives ranging from lighting retrofits to energy-efficient HVAC installations
  • Guests are educated on opportunities to reduce their environmental impacts and surveyed for awareness of Caesars’ CodeGreen* performance
  • More than 200 managers have received training and certification through Green Meetings & Events program
  • CodeGreen At Home program has reimbursed employees $80,000 for take on personal environmental initiatives since 2010
  • Thirty-one Caesars properties, all casino hotels, are Eco-Rated by Green Key

*CodeGreen is Caesars Entertainment’s comprehensive environmental strategy