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Our Climate leadership

We are proactive in advancing environmental stewardship in all of our operations and supply chain as part of the Planet pillar of People Planet Play. Our achievements in resource conservation and greenhouse gas emissions mitigation continue to lead the industry since we began our climate leadership journey in 2007.

Our Collaboration on Climate

As a global corporate citizen, Caesars Entertainment is dedicated to collaborating with other organizations to advance industry-wide and overall corporate climate leadership. More recently, we collaborated with global organizations committed to business leadership and policy alignment on climate issues.

CDP: We partner with CDP (formerly known as Carbon Disclosure Project). Our efforts earned Caesars a spot on the CDP’s Climate A List. Just 9% of the corporations participating in CDP’s climate change program are awarded a position on the A List. We’ve also extended our efforts into engaging our supply chain by asking key suppliers representing the largest portion of our supply chain’s carbon footprint to privately respond to CDP’s survey about their climate impacts.

As part of a multi-company initiative of the CDP, we are one of 75 organizations that invite suppliers to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions data. For the past three years, we have been engaging with 150 key suppliers to encourage them to disclose. Ultimately, we hope they will go further and improve their energy and emissions performance and contribute to Caesars’ overall supply chain impact reduction efforts.

In our engagement with suppliers, we have been steadily improving our response rate and 37% of suppliers responded in 2016. Also, 71% of those responding confirmed that they had not been approached by any other customer to disclose their data, indicating that we are driving change within our sector. We are proud to be helping them move the needle on understanding their own climate impacts while helping us to understand our supply chain’s footprint.


Caesars Foundation supports Green Chips, a Nevada nonprofit supporting local businesses and low-income residents with energy retrofits and other conservation projects through inclusive connections among businesses, government and nonprofits.

Our Commitment to Science-Based Goals

Global temperature rise is affecting weather patterns and the severity of weather events – what we all know as climate change. Using scientific principles, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has estimated the amount of carbon reduction required between 2010 and 2100 to keep global temperature increases below a dangerous 2°C increase. Greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets that are established in accordance with IPCCs methodology are considered “science-based.”

We are one of the first organizations that committed to developing science-based targets as part of a broader industry coalition led by We Mean Business. In 2017, using the methodology prescribed by the IPCC that takes into account our industry sector and economic contributions, we developed our new targets.

To date, between 2011 and 2016, we have maintained a strong pace of more than 5% absolute greenhouse gas reduction per year.  This is a robust basis from which to set science-based targets: our absolute impacts have decreased alongside our improvement in carbon efficiency, measured and reported as normalized performance (per 1,000 sq. ft. of air-conditioned space).

To achieve these new long-term targets, we are developing an investment plan as well as seeking additional opportunities to continue incremental savings through retrofits and other energy conservation measures.



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