Environmental Sustainability

Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

CodeGreen: Caesars’ Environmental Sustainability Strategy

Environmental stewardship is one of the four pillars of Caesars Code of Commitment and represents our promise to preserve the planet for current and future generations. To carry out this promise, we initiated CodeGreen in 2007 and it has become part of the way we do things at Caesars Entertainment.

CodeGreen is our organization-wide, multi-year strategy to identify, monitor, measure, assess, manage and reduce our material impacts on the environment. This consistent, structured, data-driven and disciplined environmental program leverages the passion of our employees, as well as engages our guests and suppliers.

Each property has a CodeGreen team with nine members representing different parts of the property operations and a detailed workplan and targets to achieve during the year. Our tracking of CodeGreen performance is transparent to all our properties so they know what to do in order to achieve top CodeGreen performance. We track five key metric areas and create a quarterly scorecard for all properties.

CodeGreen initiatives have had a significant cost-saving impact for the company in addition to helping us meet our responsibilities to stakeholders and engage employees. 2014 was another banner year for our environmental initiatives and improvements in our resource consumption brought our overall achievements since 2007 to industry-leading levels.



Chef Becker and Chef Brookshire brought the employee garden to life at the grand opening.

Chef Becker’s Path to Being a “Green” Foodie

Think you can’t be surprised by the many delights of Las Vegas anymore?

Drop by the Flamingo and you’ll find something pretty unexpected – a garden with tables and chairs made out of recycled wooden pallets. The garden, which will grow pesticide-free produce to be served at a variety of Caesars Entertainment restaurants, is a pilot project launched by Chef William Becker, Director of Culinary Operations at Caesars Entertainment.

Read more on Caesars Citizenship Blog.



Science-Based Goals

In 2015, we have undertaken a further challenge by committing to a science-based climate change targets. Targets are considered “science based” if they are in line with the level of emissions reductions necessary to keep global temperature increase below 2°C (3.6°F) compared to pre-industrial temperatures, as described in the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The science-based initiative is led by a coalition of organizations including the UN Global Compact, the Carbon Disclosure Project, the World Resources Institute and the World Wildlife Fund. During the coming months, we will be assessing our current targets against science-based parameters and making adjustments accordingly. In the meantime, we believe we are the first company in the hospitality industry to adopt such an ambitious challenge. Our new program is set out below and available for download here.

Environmental Cumulative Achievement 2007-2014 Performance Against 2014/15 Targets New 2020 Target 2025 Target
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduce greenhouse gas emissions per 1,000 airconditioned sq. feet by 40% by 2025 (2007 baseline) -22.6% 2013 Target Exceeded -30% -40%
Energy Reduce energy consumption (fossil fuel based) per 1,000 air-conditioned sq. feet by 20% by 2015(2007 baseline) -21.3% Exceeded -30% -40%
Water Reduce water consumption per 1,000 air-conditioned sq. feet by 10% by 2015 (2008 baseline) -16.6% Exceeded -20% -25%
Waste Divert 25% of total waste from landfill in 2014 44.3% Exceeded 50% 60%
Annual Targets Performance Against 2014 Target Achievement 2014
Employee 30% participation in CodeGreen 49% Exceeded
Guest 3% year-over-year shift in CodeGreen awareness and engagement of guests 2.5% Not Achieved
Certifications & Supply Chain
CDP 50% of Caesars top 150 suppliers respond to CDP Supply Chain 52% Exceeded
Real Estate Achieve LEED certification for all newly-built and expanded properties owned by Caesars 100% Achieved
Green Key Maintain 75% hotel properties with 4 out of 5 key rating 77% Exceeded


Our sixth annual Corporate Citizenship Report is written in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative G4 guidelines, core option.  The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines represent the most widely-used corporate citizenship and sustainability reporting framework in the world today.

Caesars engages an independent external auditor to verify our carbon emission disclosures in the report and we continued to disclose our carbon emission (and water consumption) to the Carbon Disclosure Project.
Verification of our greenhouse gas emissions data was conducted by an accredited verifier from Alta Environmental, a California Air Resources Board (ARB) Accredited GHG Emissions Verification Body. The verifier used California Global Warming Solutions GHG Mandatory Reporting Rule methodologies with ISO14064-3 guidance principles and found that our GHG emissions inventory for 2014 was “free of material misstatement.”

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is the world’s leading initiative to tackle climate change by helping organizations drive down GHG emissions, and water consumption, and mitigate environmental risk in their supply chains. By disclosing our performance to the Carbon Disclosure Project, we join the ranks of the world’s leading companies who are serious about environmental stewardship.

We became one of the first companies in the gaming sector to disclose our carbon emissions to the CDP Investor program in 2010 and the first to report to CDP Water and participate in CDP Supply Chain. The CDP awarded Caesars Entertainment a 98% disclosure score and an A- performance band score for our 2013 carbon disclosure, the highest score among companies in our sector in 2014.


2014 GHG Emissions Inventory CDP                               2014 GRI Index

                 Verification Letter

                                         GRI Index________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

CodeGreen at home

CodeGreen at Home is our environmental employee engagement program where we incentivize team members to practice the environmentally friendly actions at home that we encourage in our operations. Each quarter hundreds of team members submit applications that demonstrate completion of approved actions such as switching to environmentally friendly transportation, converting to native landscape, composting, and installing Energy Star certified appliances and more. On average, team members are awarded $60 for adapting these green changes that also adds to the over savings afforded by instituting a sustainable lifestyle at home.

CodeGreen applicant Bruce Bommarito, Vice President of International Marketing, said, “My family loves our year-round green grass, the considerably lower $15 per month power bill, and good fertilizer for our garden produced by the compost. We believe the money we invested will be returned in five years and will save indefinitely into the future.”

Last year our team members made huge environmental impacts by diverting water, gas and energy.

132254_CE-CodeGreen at Home Infographic