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Guidelines for Giving

Guidelines for Giving

Monetary contributions are but one element of the company’s social investment program. Equally important are in-kind contributions, which are donations of goods, services and other items of value. The same constraints that govern proper management of monetary gifts also apply to in-kind contributions. Caesars Entertainment focuses on giving to organizations that focus on aging individuals, environmental sustainability and health and wellness. Diversity is an underlying value for eac081514_WindsorBoats2 (LowRez)h focus area.

Aging Individuals: Organizations that focus on helping older individuals (55+) live more fulfilling lives

Environment: Organizations that promote or address environmental sustainability, energy efficiencies, carbon reduction, water/waste/energy conservation and responsible stewardship of natural resources (e.g. protecting watersheds, cleaning beaches, regenerating forested areas, etc.)

Health and Wellness: Organizations that aim to find cures for or support those living with diseases, or promote healthy living

Education: Pre-schools, K-12 and colleges and universities, continuing adult education, vocational/technical, or organizations that further education around issues

Donations will not be made to following:

  • Organizations that discriminate by race, color, creed, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. This policy is in line with our non-discrimination policy.
  • Churches or religious organizations unless they provide non-denominational social services
  • Treatment centers/facilities and individual medical services
  • Grants or sponsorship to individuals
  • Athletic sponsorships of individuals and/or teams (little leagues)
  • Political or advocacy groups
  • Government officials, their immediate family, or any individuals acting on their behalf